Brain explosion

I always think that too many options can sometimes be lethal…Let me explain. I often find myself struggling with things such as what to do with my life? Should I go back to school? Apply for a new job or start my own business? And it doesn’t stop there…mostly there are questions within questions…so if … Continue reading

Living in fear

What happens when suddenly you think that everything you had pictured for yourself has fallen apart and you have hit rock bottom… How do you still stay afloat? I have experienced the “rock bottom” feeling twice already in my short lifespan of 25 years. I do believe that once you hit rock bottom it will … Continue reading

Power of the Mind

So I watched the movie Inception a while ago, and I’ve been meaning to write about it since then. I think Inception is the greatest idea, not only in the science fiction movie world, but also as a subject to contemplate. Its fascinating thinking about dreams having such an affect on our real lives; it … Continue reading

Entering the big-bad world…

It seems like no matter what field you chose to enter, once you leave the comfortable school/college environment and try to step foot into the “real world” you will face challenges that you never imagined before. Technically school is supposed to prepare us for the real world challenges…isn’t it? but for some reason it just doesnt seem … Continue reading

Finally back on the market

So I recently stopped working for my previous employer, so now I can actively start searching for a new PR job that I love… The quest finally begins… The situation is slightly challenging, but I like challenges, and while I explore some new PR opportunities, i will also be familiarizing myself with different aspects of … Continue reading

Hello world!

So finally I can start my long-awaited blogging career. I am very excited to step my foot into the blogging world and I hope that I have what it takes to become successful in the big bad world of blogging. I have been reading many blogs for over 2 years now and I can only hope to be … Continue reading