Hello world!

So finally I can start my long-awaited blogging career. I am very excited to step my foot into the blogging world and I hope that I have what it takes to become successful in the big bad world of blogging. I have been reading many blogs for over 2 years now and I can only hope to be as interesting and captivating as some of the bloggers out there.

I have been inspired by the countless bloggers out there, who write about their experiences in life so flawlessly. I have accepted the challenge of trying to be interesting enough so that people would want to read my blog. I have been instigated to find a purpose in life- something that isn’t as plain and simple as graduate; get a decent job; start a family; live happily ever after. I have been motivated to push my boundaries- to explore the world and to let people- complete strangers explore my world, the way I see it.

These are just some of the reasons why this blog is so important to me. other than that, this is a test for me:

To see if I can survive in the crazy blogosphere

To see if I can be unique enough

To keep myself motivated through the hardest years of my life

To start a project which involves finding the perfect PR job- and determining whether it is everything I imagined

One Response to “Hello world!”
  1. Karan Kumar says:

    Welcome ! and do keep sharing and spreading the light of knowledge .

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