Power of the Mind

So I watched the movie Inception a while ago, and I’ve been meaning to write about it since then. I think Inception is the greatest idea, not only in the science fiction movie world, but also as a subject to contemplate. Its fascinating thinking about dreams having such an affect on our real lives; it reinforces the idea that mind is the greatest power that exists. I also want to compare this idea to another science fiction movie I recently watched: Tron. Even though the idea behind Tron is more of a game, the basic thinking is pretty similar, which is mind over matter. Both movies deal with characters stuck in the creation of their own mind, not just any creation: a virtual creation. This makes me wonder exactly what the mind is capable of, if put to test. Surely these science fictions are derived from some sort of reality where we identify the human mind as being the most intensely powerful weapon we own. Hence, needless to day, its important not to misuse the power instilled by the mind, or it could go against your own self, just like it did with the characters in the two movies.

The conclusion to my analysis is that don’t let the mind be in control of you, rather start by learning to control the mind, because once any kind of power gets out of control, it will only cause destruction. Let the mind fly like a free bird, only until it doesn’t turn into an unleashed monster. The way you can prevent that is by feeding your mind a dose of positivity everyday. It is important to take care of your mind just like you would take care of your body. Just like we don’t want to fill our body with junk, its important to keep your mind free of negative junk. In the end, you mind will reward you and you wont get trapped in your own maze or your grid.

Happy thinking 🙂

2 Responses to “Power of the Mind”
  1. penguin mcquack says:

    A+ for effort

  2. Sid Grover says:

    great article!
    I totally believe in power of mind as well.
    Have you seen the movie or read the book “secret – law of attraction”?
    If not, i highly recommend it, it can help unleash the power of mind.
    There is lot of skepticism against “law of attraction” but i feel if you believe in power of mind, you might be able to to relate to it and perhaps even apply it in your daily life.
    Mind is capable of doing some extra-ordinary things, and yes, we need to learn how to control the mind, which consequently will help us take our lives in control.

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