Living in fear

What happens when suddenly you think that everything you had pictured for yourself has fallen apart and you have hit rock bottom… How do you still stay afloat? I have experienced the “rock bottom” feeling twice already in my short lifespan of 25 years. I do believe that once you hit rock bottom it will only get better from there because it possibly can’t get any worse. I also believe that the more persistant you are with failing and trying again; eventually the better your life will become.

There are always many ups and downs in life…especially when a person is trying to figure out what they want to do with their life. this is even more evident in todays day and age when all sorts of information is on your fingertips but thats not necessarily a good thing. In order to avoid feeling hopeless and scared, i think its important to find a focal point in life and divert all your attention towards that one goal.

Within the last few months i have learned a lot of important life lessons, but the most important one that i would like o share in order to get over the fear is goal setting. not only will this help you in being more courageous, but it will also become a motivator in your life; which is an important thing when you are dealing with feelings or fear and hopelessness.


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