Brain explosion

I always think that too many options can sometimes be lethal…Let me explain. I often find myself struggling with things such as what to do with my life? Should I go back to school? Apply for a new job or start my own business? And it doesn’t stop there…mostly there are questions within questions…so if I start a business what kind of business would it be? Do I buy a franchise or start from scratch? Eventually at sometime the brain becomes so overwhelmed by all this options that it literally can’t figure out what to do…personally my brain goes into some sort of limbo. I want to lock myself in my room for hours or even days. And I don’t know if this feeling is universal or is it just me having a super hard time dealing with al the options provided for me.

Don’t get me wrong though…I do appreciate all the wonderful options given to me and I’m very grateful but I just want to know how to handle them to make my life simpler and more efficient.


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